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About the artist

As a retired high school teacher, I am now having fun - learning metalsmithing and designing art jewelry. For me, jewelry is all about the enjoyment in the process of creating art: from the designing to the wearing. For the wearer, jewelry is pure adornment. My jewelry is not for the faint at heart; it is meant to get noticed! It gives pleasure to the wearer; it says, "I am as unique as my jewelry." 

A perfectionist, I enjoy precision in my work, but strive very hard to make sure my jewelry beams "handmade, one at a time."   Inspiration comes from ancient gold jewelry, my background in textile design and sewing, my morning walks, and my love of contemporary Italian design. 

      I have always enjoyed creating beautiful things. From doll clothes at the age of five to teaching sewing, cooking, and interior design to high schoolers, I am most happy when I am making something that combines my love of design, ignites my competitive spirit, challenges my imagination, utilizes my problem solving skills and in the end results in a work of art that is beautiful, contemporary, timeless, fun, and will get the wearer stopped on the street and asked, "Where did you get that magnificent piece?"

Fran-with Spiral earring.jpg


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